Atlantic Lottery operates in four Atlantic Canadian provinces. ((Courtesy Atlantic Lottery))

The Atlantic Lottery Corporation says it needs to find new markets outside of Canada in order to continue to earn money.

The corporation’s vice-president Chuck Bridges said tapping into international markets will bring Atlantic Lottery new customers and more profit.

"It's not just that we're looking at Albania or Illinois, but we're looking at a wide number of opportunities around the planet and we're doing so because, as I say, we've got 35-plus years of experience in the marketplace doing this kind of business," he said.

Atlantic Business Magazine reported that the corporation's profits are flatlining because it can't compete with online gaming operators.

Bridges said the corporation’s profits have also been affected by changing demographics in Atlantic Canada.

He said running lotteries in other countries  — such as Albania — could generate millions of dollars for provincial governments in Atlantic Canada.

"It's part of us protecting Atlantic Lottery and our provinces that goes back into the shareholders — the provinces, so they can build hospitals, roads, infrastructure, that sort of thing,"

The four Atlantic Canadian governments will have final say on any Atlantic Lottery proposal to expand into other markets.