More than the usual number of skiers will be whizzing down Marble Mountain this weekend, as skiers from all across Atlantic Canada are converging on the Corner Brook area to compete for the Marble Cup. 

But before the race starts, skiers are getting some technical training in preparation for the competition. 

Pierre Reul of the Canadian Ski Coaches Federation is overseeing the training and said he's impressed with what he's seen so far.

"When you look at this place and you look at the coaching staff there is no reason great kids cannot come out of this and … one day go to the national ski team," said Reul.

Race Chief Allan Kendall said skiers and coaches from different teams work together to create better skiers.

"This is a technical camp [and] we try to test our athletes, give them lots of turns, and give them different terrain and different skill sets to improve on and develop. It's a great couple of days," said Kendall.

Coach Mike Todd brought 20 skiers from Nova Scotia. He said the camp is a great chance to get better results from his racers. 

"They are loving it. This is a much bigger mountain than we have back home, and they are skiing all the way until close at 4 p.m. and getting a lot of terrain in, and they are having an absolute ball. They love Newfoundland," Todd said. 

Marble Cup racing gets underway Friday and runs until Sunday afternoon.