An Alberta man who assaulted health workers at Waterford Hospital in St. John's has been sentenced to nine months in jail.

Stanislov Lolobanov — who suffers from paranoid-schizophrenia — had a violent episode in August shortly after getting off a plane.

He ended up at the Waterford Hospital, and soon afterwards began physically assaulting medical staff.

"I told them I didn't want to be in this place, and they wouldn't let me go," said Lolobanov.

At the hospital Lolobanov punched a doctor and nurse in the face, pushed another nurse to the floor and punched her several times in the back of the head. 

He also threatened another doctor with a three-hole punch. 

When the police arrived, Lolobanov told them he had been kidnapped by the Hell Angels and wanted to be arrested.

Lolobanov's lawyer said that while his client has a mental illness, he is aware of what he does and doesn't meet the stiff standard for being found not criminally responsible. 

Lolobanov is scheduled to return to Alberta, where he will be on probation for a year after he completes his sentence in this province.