Arts centre cuts upset drama teacher

A drama teacher in western Labrador is wondering how the Arts and Culture Centre will function amid staffing reductions.
After this dance recital, the full-time jobs at the Arts and Culture Centre in western Labrador will be cut to part-time. (CBC)

A drama teacher wonders how the Labrador City Arts and Culture Centre will be able to handle activities now that the three full-time positions at the centre have been reduced to part time.

Peter McCormick says full-time staff is needed at the Labrador City Arts and Culture Centre for performance preparations. (CBC)

"With a full-time technician gone, I can't see how local groups are going to manage at all," said Peter McCormack.

Provincial budget cuts have left the centre without full-time staff. The Stephenville Arts and Culture Centre and the Gordon Pinsent Centre for the Arts in Grand Falls-Windsor were also hit.

Tourism, Culture and Recreation Minister Terry French said the cuts should not have a big impact on the number of days the facilities are open. 

Time, staff needed for preparation, says McCormick

McCormack noted that the 2012 schedule at the Labrador City centre included 43 nights of entertainment, but time was also needed for rehearsals and set creation.

He added that other arts and culture centres could access staff from nearby communities, but that's not possible in Labrador City.

"Stephenville is 45 minutes from Corner Brook and Grand Falls is 45 minutes from Gander," said McCormack. "We're out here without a tech in the middle of nowhere."

McCormack said members of the local arts community are also worried that staff who have had their positions reduced to part-time may have to leave the area to seek full-time work, meaning local drama groups will be preoccupied with filling specialized jobs instead about filling seats at shows. 

"I certainly don't think anyone is going to move out here for a part-time position."