In an effort to get more people into Arts and Culture Centres across Newfoundland and Labrador, the Centre has introduced a new website and logo.

The site allows people to buy tickets for the Centre's shows online, something that wasn't possible before. The online ticket purchase option will be available this fall, said Aiden Flynn, manager of programming and promotion.

The new logo and website were unveiled at a presentation that combined a website walk-through with performances from Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers as well as singer Kelly Ann Evans.

"I think it's going to open up the door to much bigger audiences," said Evans. "It's so much easier to go online and buy your tickets, pick your seats and get all the show information. I think the new website is just going to launch it, it's a beautiful, fresh new face for the Arts and Culture Centre I think."

Minister of Tourism, Culture and Recreation Terry French said the centres are under-used. The re-branding, which cost $375,000, is an effort to get more people through the doors, he said.

"We want to get more people from around the province using the Arts and Culture Centres," he said. "Obviously the one here in St. John's is booming all the time, but you know our other Centres are not doing as well."