A Toronto-based artist took to the controversial harbour fence in down town St. John's for Eastern Edge Gallery's 24 hour art marathon this weekend.

Sean Martindale made a bold statement on Saturday with his art installation along the St. John's harbour apron.

"I used snow fencing actually to create the piece. So, I like the idea of using another type of fence material to create the art on the fence here," Martindale said.

"Half the letters on one side of the fence and the other half the letters on the other, kinda echoing the sentiment ' what lies between us.' You know?"

Martindale said the phrase 'what lies between us' is open to interpretation.

"I'd prefer not to dictate what you can read into it but I mean some of the words can be read in different ways, obviously, in that phrase," Martindale said.

"I mean even with the 'us', it can be read as U.S., which is one of the reasons they said they're putting up the fence is that they needed extra security between here and the United States for cruise ships coming in."

He said he chose the words in the phrase carefully. However, Martindale is certainly not on the fence about his own feelings.

"It seems quite shocking to cut off the public from their own landmark ... I just wanted to reopen the conversation to get people engaged in what was happening here again."

The St. John's port authority gave Martindale and Eastern Edge Gallery permission to use the fence, but he doesn't know how long his words will be permitted to stay there.