A Carbonear artisan's dream of opening a craft market in the Bond Theatre went up in smoke last week, but ended up becoming reality after the community came to her aid.

Natalie Austin discovered the fire, which destroyed the historic building, when she went for a meeting last Wednesday. She was one of six people set to open up a craft marketplace inside the theatre.

Austin noticed steam on one of the windows.

"We pulled in and I went to the door to put my key in, and I turned my key and it went just like butter. The key twisted from the heat that was inside the door — luckily I hadn't touched it," said Austin.

Austin said since the theatre burned down, news of the group's plans travelled through the community and a new opportunity presented itself.

"Doctor(s) Ingrid and Andrew Peacock had a beautiful building down on Water Street, and they have graciously offered us a space in that building. It overlooks the water … and it's going to be a cultural space again," she said.

According to Austin, the plan is to offer up crafts for purchase, as well as workshops and classes as of May 19.

The cause of the fire at the Bond Theatre is still unknown.