An art project in King's Point is nearly done as students from kindergarten to Grade 12 at Valmont Academy put their paintbrushes to clay tiles on Thursday.

Each tile depicts a different aspect of the community or the student's life, and will be part of a larger mural to go up in the King's Point Whale Pavilion.

The project began more than two years ago when two teachers applied to the government for an arts grant to create a community project.


Pam Kelly, a teacher at Valmont Academy, says the whole project has been a rewarding experience for the kids and the teachers involved. (CBC)

Pam Kelly, one of the teachers who applied for the grant, said the effort was well worth it.

"It's totally paid off — it's been amazing," Kelly said.

"Just seeing how rewarding it is to the kids, and knowing that this is going to go up in the whale pavilion in this town for years and years and years, like, we keep telling the kids, you can bring your grandkids back here someday and see the mural."

The tiles were made from clay that the kids helped gather, and local potters David Hayashida and Linda Yates supervised the sculpting and helped plan out the mosaic's final home.

Seventh grader Crystal Blanchard said her tile shows what everyday life is like in her community.

"I drew somebody out in a boat cod fishing, and I drew the mountains in the background, and I drew an iceberg in the background, so I think it just represents an ordinary day in King's Point — out in the bay fishing," Blanchard said.

She said the project has been rewarding, but not easy.

"It was definitely harder than what I expected it to be, but David and Linda, actually, they helped a lot," Blanchard added.

While all the kids have been able to see all the tiles, no one has any idea what the final product will actually look like.

The mural will be unveiled in early June and displayed for everyone to see.