People in the western Newfoundland community of St. George's are feeling a sense of relief now that a man who caused hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage has been put in prison.

Dean Young, 21, was on Tuesday given a sentence of five years in prison for setting a string of fires between March 2012 and May 2013.

'Bricks and mortars can be replaced. Lives can't.' - Danny Conway, mayor of St. George's

The 10 different fires that Young set included blazes that included two vehicles, two sheds and an expensive bandstand that had been built for the local Blueberry Festival.

"After the arrest was made, people could put their minds at ease knowing that the problem was solved," St. George's Mayor Danny Conway said.

Conway said he was thankful that no one was ever hurt in any of the fires.

"Bricks and mortars can be replaced. Lives can't," he said. "So we are grateful there were no lives [lost] or injuries."

Conway said that if Young is able to turn his life around when he is prison, he may be welcomed back to the community.

"If he comes back looking for forgiveness and that, I am sure the town residents can accept it," he said.