Arsonist gets 27 months for Mount Moriah fire

Jason Peddle, who set fire last December to a house in Mount Moriah, was sentenced on Thursday.

Woman says she still fears arsonist

Jason Peddle is jailed for setting fire to a Mount Moriah house, reports Colleen Connors 2:10

A man who set fire last December to a house in Mount Moriah, outside Corner Brook, was given a sentence on Thursday of 27 months in jail.

Jason Peddle, 34, put couch cushions on top of a lit stove, destroying the basement apartment where his girlfriend lived.

Homeowner Molly Delaney, 78, who was upstairs with her adult grandson, said she didn't feel safe following the arson.

"I understand he was angry at me because my grandson moved in upstairs with me, home from university for a short spell, and he thought that my grandson was going to look at his girlfriend," Delaney said in an interview.

Delaney said Peddle fled the scene after setting the fire.

"It was horrific," she said.

"The first thing you think, your home is gone and Christmas coming up. You’re devastated."

Delaney is still battling with an insurance company over repairs to the destroyed apartment and her home upstairs.

Most important, she said, is the fact that she does not feel safe at home.

"Not on your life do I feel safe," she said. "I'm in fear of that guy."

Peddle was sentenced on Thursday afternoon to 27 months — but was given six and a half months for time served.

He will also be on probation for three years.

The Crown had sought a sentence of more than two years in prison, while the defence had recommended a sentence between 12 and 18 months.