Arrest made after schools locked down

Rodney Squibb, 18, faces charges of mischief and uttering threats after he was arrested in connection with an incident involving O'Donel High School in Mount Pearl on Wednesday.
O'Donel High School and three other schools in Mount Pearl were locked down for a time on Wednesday morning. (CBC )

Police have made an arrest in connection with an incident that triggered the lockdown of several Mount Pearl schools Wednesday.

Rodney Squibb, 18, faces charges of mischief and uttering threats.

The Royal Newfoundland Constabulary responded to a potential threat at O'Donel High School shortly before 11 a.m.

Rodney Squibb, 18, appeared in court in St. John's on Wednesday afternoon. (CBC)

An Eastern School District spokesperson would only say it was not a bomb threat.

But as a precaution, O'Donel and neighbouring St. Peter's Elementary, Mount Pearl Intermediate and Mount Pearl Senior High were put in "lockdown mode."

O'Donel student Morgan Janes said the school's principal announced there was a security threat and that everyone should stay in their classrooms.

"We were told ... that there was a minor to mid-threat to our school and there was no danger within the school, but we did have to go into secure-school mode, just for the safety of students," said Janes.

Students said they knew something more serious was happeneing when they saw three police cars arrive.

"I was kind of confused because they never tell us what is on the go during the lockdowns," said O'Donel student Caleb Collins. "They just do the lockdown. But it's worrying, it really is."

The lockdown was lifted a short time later and the schools returned to normal operations.