A rapid response from some people in Arnold's Cove on Wednesday helped save the life of a boy who fell through thin and melting ice over the lunch hour. 

Resident Max Eddy was clearing his driveway when he spied the boy, who is about eight or nine, fall through ice on a nearby pond. 

"He was panicking big time. His legs [were] kicking, and [the] first thing you think about is, 'This boy is gonna drown if I don't get there real soon,' " Eddy said. 

Eddy called to his neighbours for help and grabbed a rope, and then — lying on his stomach — crawled out over 50 metres of thin, slushy ice to reach the boy. 

When he reached the boy, he wrapped the rope around him and hauled him on to the ice. With the rope tied to both of them, Eddy was able to squirm back to shore, pulling the boy behind him. 

"He was very, very cold — shaking like a leaf," he said. 

The boy was cold but unhurt. He was taken to hospital to be checked out. 

Eddy, who happened to be wearing a survival suit while using his snowblower, said he only did what anyone else would do in the same situation.