A young woman accused in two attempted armed robberies was found not guilty on Friday due to a lack of positive identification.

Alexandra Gough-Hollahan, 18, was accused of using a knife while attempting to hold up an Esso service station in St. John's on Dec. 10 last year, and then a Marie's Mini Mart in Paradise later that same day.

Judge Lori Marshall ruled on Friday that eye witnesses and those who looked at video surveillance were unable to positively identify Gough-Hollahan in either case.

Marshall added that even after seeing Gough-Hollahan during the five-day trial, she was unable to identify her as the person in the video of the attempted robbery at the Esso.

She said some of the witnesses could have had their judgment compromised because they were told Gough-Hollahan was a suspect.

Before the trail began, Gough-Hollahan was also charged with robbing a Marie's Mini Mart in St. John's earlier in December, but the charge was dropped because the Crown felt there was no way to positively identify her in the surveillance footage.

Though she was found not guilty, Gough-Hollahan spent almost seven months in jail since her arrest last December.