A former U.S. naval officer who was stationed in Argentia 40 years ago is hoping to locate an unusual piece of history — a door of the room he lived in. 

Lenn Perry lived in Strail Memorial Hall on the Argentia Naval Base from 1974 to 1976. 

The Argentia Naval Base was demolished on Nov. 6, 1999.

Perry, who now lives in Michigan, recently sent a letter to local media outlets about his quest to find door 652. He said finding it would revive the fond memories he has of his time spent on the island.  

"I fell in love with Newfoundland because of the friendliness of the people," said Perry.

"They're courteous, they took the time to chat. I didn't know what I had until I left Newfoundland in '76. I didn't know, you know, it seems like time stood still there."

Doors and many other components from the building were auctioned off before demolition.

Perry said he doesn't hold much hope in finding the door.

"You want to take away a souvenir. I went back in 1994 and then again in 2003 and I wish I had a souvenir. I kicked myself for not exploring this earlier ... maybe the door had surfaced. I don't have any hope — but you don't know what the ripple effect will be."

In an interesting twist, a recent post on Facebook from a man who purchased 250 doors from the BEQ (Bachelor Enlisted Quarters) at the base has tweaked Perry's attention. 

Sheldon Greene, who wrote the post, said he still has many of the doors he bought, although he gave some of them to neighbours who turned the doors into sheds.

Perry is hoping someone in the province has door 652 and is willing to sell it, or might have information.