The defence said they will likely appeal Friday's guilty verdicts in the Steven Neville murder trial.

A jury convicted Neville, 22, of second-degree murder and attempted murder in connection with a double-stabbing in Paradise more than two years ago.

However, Peter Ralph, one of Neville's lawyers, believes there are solid grounds for an appeal and that Neville should be acquitted.

"My instinct right now is that we would appeal," Ralph said.

"We think there were some difficulties in the trial which may have affected the fairness of the trial, and we'll certainly take a good hard look and determine whether we'd advise Mr. Neville to appeal, obviously it's his decision."

One piece of information enough for conviction, Crown says

The Crown believes that one piece of evidence may have been enough for the jury to convict Neville.

Prosecutor Robin Fowler said the jury understood that Neville could have avoided the confrontation that led to the stabbing death of Doug Flynn, and attempted murder of Ryan Dwyer, but chose not to.

"The evidence came out that Mr. Neville got out of a moving vehicle and confronted these individuals, and I think that was the most relevant information," Fowler said.

The next step for Neville will be a sentencing hearing. He is facing a minimum of 10 years in prison before being eligible for parole.