The woman who was mugged in late April on her 82nd birthday says she doesn't believe an apology from her attacker is sincere.

Barbara Hurley, 82, was mugged by Veronica Ann Park on her way home from The 86er Pub in Corner Brook in late April.

"I was walking across the parking lot and this girl was coming along behind me and I didn't pay any attention to her … she was acting friendly and I didn't know her, and the next thing I knew I was on the ground. She pushed me, she grabbed my purse, threw me on the ground, and then threw my cane at me and took off," said Hurley.

Veronica Ann Park

Veronica Ann Park, 37, has been sentenced to a three-year jail term in the April mugging of an 82-year-old woman outside a Corner Brook pub. (CBC)

Park, 37, was sentenced to three years in prison at a provincial court on Wednesday. 

She apologized to the court, saying she had "hit rock bottom" at the time of the robbery.

However, Hurley said she doesn't believe the apology was sincere.

"Indeed I do not [accept her apology] … because I think she was just trying to work her way through the system so she would get less time," said Hurley.

"I would like to tell her it's time for you to grow up, do something with your life instead of trying to hurt people or rob people, help people — that's what I would say to her. But as far as forgiving her, what she did to me, I cannot. Wouldn't even think about it."

Afraid to leave her home

According to Hurley, she hasn't been able to live normally since the attack, and she no longer feels safe walking on her own street during the night.

She's still recovering from a fracture to her upper arm that she sustained in the mugging, and said she needs help from family to get regular errands completed.

"It never occurred to me to be afraid to walk down to the store at night to get what I wanted … but after this, never again. Never again," she said.

"If I go anywhere after I get this arm rehabilitated, I will go in the daytime only."

Hurley said Park deserved the three year sentence she received.