Radio enthusiasts in England and Newfoundland are marking the 110th anniversary of the first transatlantic wireless transmission on Dec. 12, 1901.

That message was sent from Poldhu, England and received on Signal Hill, in St. John's.


Marconi used a kite to help receive a signal that was sent from England on Dec. 12, 1901. ((American Kitefliers Association))

On Monday, members of the Marconi Radio Club in St. John’s plan gathered on Signal Hill to mark the event by exchanging a message with members of a radio club in Poldhu.

Members of the St. John's club talked about the significance of what Guglielmo Marconi did more than a century ago.

"Now, you pick up your cellphone and you're bringing into play a whole bunch of technology and magic that you don't even think about. You just go, 'Oh … text your friends … meet me at the restaurant.' But back just 110 years ago, that was literally magic," said Len Zedel.