Friends of Ann Marie Shirran in the Corner Brook area are remembering her on the fourth anniversary of her death with a project aimed at helping other mothers and their children.

Shirran, who grew up on Newfoundland’s west coast, was murdered in 2010 by her common-law spouse, David Folker. She was 32. 

April Waterman knew Shirran since high school.

"She was an absolutely amazing person,” Waterman said.

“She was almost six feet tall and had this beautiful red hair, and you noticed her immediately when she walked into a room."

'She was an absolutely amazing person.' - April Waterman

The two women also lived together when Waterman was pregnant with her little girl.

Waterman called Shirran "a force of nature."

She says she only met Folker once.

He was found guilty of second-degree murder and is currently serving a life sentence with no chance of parole for 15 years.

Through it all, Waterman's thoughts were for Shirran's young son.

Now, she wants the woman she'll always remember as a loving mother to have a legacy.

"So we decided to do something positive and, in that light, give toys to needy kids," Waterman said.

Asking for donations to Transition House

Waterman is asking people to donate toys or money to Transition House, a shelter for women and their children looking to escape family violence.

Heather Davis, the executive director of Transition House, says such gifts can help.

“If kids come in and there are familiar items, the big-ticket items that we can't afford, it’s a familiar thing and it’s a comfort,” Davis said.

Davis knew Shirran as a lively woman who was the light in a room.

“It’s great to see something being done that’s positive in her memory, because then you`d focus on that positive, and not on the tragic circumstances under which she was killed,” Davis said.

All donations will go directly to the shelter`s  toy room, playground or basketball court.

Shirran's son is now five years old and lives with family in St. John's.