The fate of a Conception Bay man charged in an animal cruelty case is now in the hands of a judge.

Christopher Whelan, 37, has been accused of willfully causing unnecessary suffering to his dog, Lady.

The SPCA seized Christopher Whelan's dog in August 2012 from his property in Lakeview, near Holyrood.


This photo depicts Whelan's dog, Lady, as very thin. (CBC )

To everyone, even Whelan, it was clear that Lady, a rottweiler mix, was emaciated.

Crown prosecutor Sheldon Steeves said in his summation that Whelan did not provide her with adequate food and given her state, he should have taken her to a vet.

Defence attorney Candace Summers pointed out that witnesses testified Whelan fed his dog properly — twice per day — and even though the dog was very thin, it was energetic, bright, and not in pain.

Summers said Whelan took good care of the other dogs he had, including a stray he had found, and had tried dilIgently to find the stray's owner.

Summers said Whelan was not willfully neglectful of Lady, but he didn't have the money at the time the dog was seized to take her to a vet, and had been waiting until the next week to do that when his cheque arrived.  

Earlier in the trial, a vet testified that Lady was malnourished, but not because of disease.

Judge Pamela Goulding will hand down her decision in the case in three weeks.