Conception Bay South Mayor Ken McDonald says the town will be doing more to remind dirt bike operators and ATV drivers that it is illegal for them to use the T'Railway. (CBC)

A trail in Conception Bay South that is designed to be a tranquil refuge for pedestrians was anything but on Thursday, as a man driving a dirt bike confronted town workers who were laying stone and gravel.

C.B.S. Mayor Ken McDonald said the dirt bike operator was so aggressive, he told the workers they didn't have the right to be on the land. 

"He actually started doing what I would call donuts with his bike, flicking stones and gravel at the workers. We've never had an incident of anybody actually confronting workers that are working on it. This is a first," McDonald said. 

"I couldn't believe it. We have kids who take their dirt bikes, and go on the trail, we have kids who will take ATV's on the trail — but we've never had an incident of someone confronting workers," McDonald told CBC. "I just can't believe anybody would be that oblivious to the fact that you're not allowed on it and that bikes are banned. It's actually been banned since late October, I think is when the prohibitive border was put in place by the province."

Motorized vehicles not permitted

McDonald said the Conception Bay South T'railway is being developed for the enjoyment of pedestrians and those on bicycles. 

The trail is not open to any type of motorized vehicle — which was a requirement to qualify for government funding. 

'We've never had an incident of anybody actually confronting workers that are working on it. This is a first.' - Conception Bay South Mayor Ken McDonald

"I think the reason for that is probably the liability issues that come up. If you allow pedestrian traffic to be in a small area the same as off-road vehicles, it could be nasty ... and there could be injuries, and nobody wants to be a part of that.," he said. 

"I think it's about $1.3 million to do this as a linear trail, [for] walking, bicycling. You're talking about a lot of money."

McDonald said the town will be more vigilant in reminding area residents about the regulations for the T'railway. He also wants police to issue more tickets and confiscate motorized vehicles.