A young woman with acknowledged anger management issues has been found guilty of assaulting a friend this winter.

Nikita Pearce, 21, told her lawyer at provincial court in St. John's on Tuesday that she was feeling nervous and scared.

Pearce was convicted of charges that include assault and assault with a weapon, following an incident at a cabin in early January.

Court was told that Pearce was drinking with her girlfriend and a male friend.

Pearce, who admits that she can become violent when she drinks, started to fight with her girlfriend. When her friend intervened, though, the two women turned on him, kicking him and beating his head.

Pearce then took her friend's knife, pointed it into his face and demanded $40.

The man told the court that he thought he would die and never see his mother or return to college.

Pearce struck the man on the face with the butt of the knife. The friend had no cash, but gave Pearce his cigarettes, sweater and pants, and then ran from the cabin.

Judge Pamela Goulding found Pearce guilty of most of the charges against her, but not of forcible confinement.

Goulding is expected to bring down a sentence in June.

Pearce, meanwhile, is awaiting sentencing for a separate attack, in which she struck someone with a rock.