Summerford's Troy Burt, who was told by doctors he would never snowmobile again after an accident claimed his left leg, is on cloud nine after being named 'North America's top snowmobiler' in an online contest.

Burt found out about the win, which was calculated via online votes, when his phone began lighting up with congratulations from friends and family early Tuesday morning.

Confirmation of the win from the magazine left him at a loss for words.

"Just — beyond floored. This is amazing," Burt told CBC News. 

"Talking about it, I got so many butterflies in my stomach, it's unbelievable."

'Nobody determines your limitations'

Burt lost his left leg below the knee almost eight years ago, in a severe motorcycle accident that caused brain damage and numerous other injuries.

But he plowed through that ordeal and returned to his love of snowmobiling, using a prosthetic leg, and remains humble about how his story connected with the people who voted him to the top.

"I guess they saw what I was bringing to the table, what I went through, and liked my story. I'm just myself, I'm just me, I speak from the heart, " said Burt.

"Nobody determines your limitations."

amputee snowmobiler Troy Burt

Burt hopes his win shows people what amputees are capable of. (Katie Breen/CBC)

Paying it forward

Burt hopes his win helps more people realize what amputees are capable of.

"I think this will open up a lot of people's eyes," said Burt.

"They're like, 'how does that even work, you only have one foot. How do you get around like that.' Everybody automatically deems you as incapable, but I'm so capable."

Burt said he plans on using his newfound fame to promote 5 Toes Riding, an organization he created to bring awareness to amputees. It also sells merchandise that gives a portion of its profits to amputee-related charities.

His contest win includes a trip to a snowmobile conference in Dallas, Texas later in February, where he'll receive a 2017 model Ski-Doo.

More immediately, Burt has a snowmobile trip planned this weekend, to celebrate his win doing what he loves.

"I'm just gonna enjoy this moment for a little bit."