Globetrotting American writer's fiction inspiration is Newfoundland

American writer Jeffrey K. Walker's life has taken him to hot spots all over the world, but he has decided to set much of his first novel in early 20th century Newfoundland.

Jeffrey K. Walker's debut novel is called None of Us the Same

Jeffrey K. Walker's novel, None of Us Are the Same, is partially set in Newfoundland during and just after World War I. (courtesy Jeffrey K. Walker )

Jeffrey K. Walker has been a stockbroker, a fighter jet navigator, a lawyer and a professor. He's lived all over the world, from Bosnia to Baghdad to Boston.

But when Virginia-based Walker turned his hand to fiction writing, he decided to focus much of his World War I novel, None of Us the Same, in Newfoundland with Newfoundland characters.

"I ran across the Newfoundland Regiment by accident during my research," said Walker,

"And the more I read about it, the more I was drawn to it."

Hear about Jeffrey K. Walker's research trip to Newfoundland, and how his newfound love of Newfoundland fits into his colourful life in his conversation with Weekend AM host Heather Barrett.

Virginia based writer Jeffrey K. Walker tells Weekend AM's Heather Barrett why his historical novel, None of Us is the Same, has Newfoundlanders for two of its main characters. 14:33

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