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An ambulance backed into an Air Labrador Twin Otter on the tarmac Monday, damaging one of its wings.

The incident happened shortly after a patient was transferred to the plane for a medevac flight to Happy Valley-Goose Bay.

The president of Air Labrador says the accident could speed up changes to security on remote airstrips.

Phillip Earle says big changes at such airstrips were already in the works.

Earle says this incident will elevate the level of interest in getting procedures put in place and handled more efficiently.

He adds that nobody was hurt and another plane arrived within an hour to transport the patient to the Labrador Health Centre.

Earle says the plane could remain in Hopedale for another two weeks before it's repaired.

It is not known whether the delay affected the patient's condition.

Labrador Grenfell Health is reviewing the incident.