How much confidence does the new Liberal government have in the province's electricity system?

Natural Resources minister Siobhan Coady said she is very concerned about the continuing problems at the Holyrood generating plant.

She said that the aging infrastructure has been struggling to meet increasing power demands in the province.

While maintenance is up to date, Coady told CBC that the Holyrood plant breaks down too often.

"I'm concerned that we have an aging asset, that we have an old furnace in our house."

She said the only solution is to find another way to generate electricity.

"We have to make sure that we have the electricity that the province requires," said Coady.

"We have to get an alternate energy capability into this province … we have to make sure we do the right things."

She added that the Bay D' Espoir plant, wind energy and the Holyrood plant all come together to make sure customers have what they need.

Hydro issued a "power warning" to its customers Wednesday after two units at the plant went off-line.

Muskrat Falls aerial

The Muskrat Falls project, as seen from the air. (CBC)

Coady said it is critical to ensure people know what's happening at all times when there are generation issues and she's happy with how the warning was communicated to customers.

She said the province is exploring alternatives, such as wind and wave power, and Muskrat Falls is expected to start producing electricity in 2018.