All but one of the bargaining units in Newfoundland and Labrador's largest public sector union have voted to accept a four-year deal that includes a modest wage increase.


All but one of NAPE's different bargaining units have accepted a new four-year contract.

Eleven of NAPE's 12 bargaining units have accepted the four-year agreement, which is retroactive to 2012.

The pact includes a wage freeze for the first two years, as well as an increase of five per cent over the final two years. Members will also receive a signing bonus of $1,400.

Overall, NAPE members voted 83 per cent in favour of accepting the tentative deal, which was negotiated last month.

The only unit to vote against the deal represents crew members on the provincial ferry service, which provides marine transport for island communities and some coastal towns.

The government has said it was looking for more flexibility in scheduling those employees.

The contract pales in comparison to the last four-year package, which included a wage increase of almost 21 per cent. That deal, though, came after years of provincial government austerity, as well as a divisive public sector strike in 2004.