The owners of a St. John's bar say photos of topless women circulating online and in the media weren't taken in their club.

But they've yet to address allegations that underage teens were in the bar — the reason they're in hot water with the Newfoundland Liquor Corporation.

Allure on George Street has been closed since its liquor licence was suspended Monday.

The NLC took the action after photos surfaced online of underage teens allegedly partying inside the nightclub.

Family members identified the teenagers in the photos for CBC.

The pictures in question were taken on March 8, during opening night festivities for the bar.

CBC reported on the event after renowned American nightlife photographer Kirill was invited, and later posted pictures online that he took of drunk young women — some of them topless.

"Anybody that has been to our venue can confirm we have tight security, great staff and no nudity." - Owners of Allure

There have been no complaints or allegations of teenagers being photographed nude in the club. But it would be illegal for them to be inside, which is what prompted the NLC to act.

The owners of Allure have since responded through Facebook, saying they did nothing wrong.

"Anybody that has been to our venue can confirm we have tight security, great staff and no nudity. Yes, we have wild parties, but they are in a controlled and safe environment," they said in a lengthy statement.

However, the "no nudity" claim appears to be in direct contradiction with the photos Kirill took at the bar, and have since posted online.

Also, the statement from Allure doesn't address NLC concerns that underage teens were in the bar. They only say no underage teens were photographed nude in the bar.

The club also criticized the media for what it called "sensationalized journalism." It says while Allure did invite Kirill to photograph the night's events, they had no control over what he posted online.

Meanwhile, the club's Facebook page is still advertising an event for this weekend.

The NLC will only say it doesn't plan to lift the nightclub's suspension any time soon.