The company behind a new operation in Western Labrador may be interested in purchasing the now-idled Wabush Mines.

Alderon is looking to start construction on its Kami Mine in Labrador as early as this spring.

Mark Morabito, the executive chair of Alderon, said the company may have some interest in the site, but not for mining ore.

"We have to take a look at [buying it], in terms of what the possibilities are for synergies with our operation and how we could possibly blend the two operations together," he said.

"It would be primarily for the infrastructure and the synergies that can be realized by getting a hold of it and starting Kami as opposed to restarting mining operations there."

He said the company would need a lot more information about the Wabush operation before committing.

Morabito is featured on this week's On Point with host Peter Cowan, airing Saturday at 7:30 NT.