The new runway landing system at St. John's International Airport is up and running to make landings easier, now travel to the terminal might get a little easier as well.

St. John's International Airport Authority President and CEO Keith Collins said Friday that his staff are in discussions with Metrobus about starting service to the airport terminal. 

"Members of my team have been talking with Metrobus about the possibility of a Metrobus stop out here, I can't say where that stands," he said. 

Collins also said that a bus route to the airport would benefit more than just travellers. 

"We'd like that to be the case, we think that'll benefit employees here as much as it'll benefit passengers," he said. 

It is expected that Metrobus service to the airport would cost a fraction of what taxi cabs currently charge.

Airport CEO Keith Collins

St. John's International Airport Authority President and CEO Keith Collins says that Metrobus service to the airport would benefit both employees and passengers. (CBC)

St. John's Deputy Mayor Ron Ellsworth said a bus service to the airport would also make the terminal more accessible for people with disabilities.

"The airport authority also, under the UN Convention for Persons with Disabilities, have a requirement to provide accessible transit out of the airport, which has been a challenge for them also," he said. 

"There might be some good opportunities to partner on some discussions."

'Not on our agenda'

Judy Powell, general manager of Metrobus, said that any potential service to the airport would not likely happen in the near future.

"It's not on our agenda for the next few years because the demand is not there for service to the airport," she said.
Powell said current routes run close to the airport and are used by some airport employees, but planning a new route would be difficult.

Buses servicing the airport would require luggage racks, Powell said. But, current buses can't be retrofitted, meaning a new bus would be required.

It could cost as much as $450,000, she said.

Powell said that Metrobus currently has bigger priorities than beginning service to the airport and that employees have not expressed a need for the service.