Air Labrador flight

Air Labrador has stepped in to help move cargo into coastal Labrador. Heavy ice conditions have halted ferry service in the Strait of Belle Isle. (Courtesy Phillip Earle)

Air Labrador is going to move mail and food supplies into southern Labrador, because of problems with heavy ice conditions in the Strait of Belle Isle.  

The MV Apollo, currently tied up in Corner Brook, has not been able to make its regular ferry run between western Newfoundland and the mainland for a week because of ice.  

An airline spokesperson said the flight schedule is contingent on weather. Flights cannot currently leave because of runway conditions, both in St. Anthony and Blanc Sablon.   

Stranded ferry passengers and southern Labrador business owners have become frustrated over the ice situation.   

Forteau business owner Gaius Trimm said no ferry service has meant no fresh food in southern Labrador.

"There's not a litre of milk to be got besides Grand Pré [UHT milk] from Quebec into the south coast of Labrador — and I think it's the same can be said from the Quebec border, [and it's] the same that can be said from the Quebec border to Cartwright," said Trimm.  

The Canadian Coast Guard icebreaker Henry Larsen is scheduled to return to Corner Brook later this week to help the Apollo resume its route.