The St. John's IceCaps have made it to the 2014 Calder Cup Finals, but the team's home games will not be available for two consecutive nights due to a scheduling conflict at Mile One Centre.

Five years ago, the Canadian Anaesthesiologists' Society booked its annual meeting and trade show from June 13 to 16. 

Maurice Moody

IceCaps fan Maurice Moody lined up on Wednesday morning to secure his Calder Cup tickets. (CBC)

The Calder Cup finals start on Sunday night, as the IceCaps face the Texas Stars in Cedar Park, Texas. 

After Games 1 and 2 in Texas, the series will shift to St. John’s for Games 3, 4 and 5.

Ice Caps fan Steve Soucy said he's not overly concerned that the first two home games, Games 3 and 4, are on June 11 and 16 — five days apart.

"I got two tickets as close to centre ice as possible, really difficult to get and happy I got 'em," said Soucy. 

"It's a bit of a stretch, but what you can do. Pre-booking, gotta accommodate everyone I guess." 

Fans anxious to secure tickets

There were long lineups outside the Mile One box office before the tickets went on sale at noon Wednesday.

Maurice Moody, who lined up with about 100 other people, said tickets were hard to get.

"I had tickets in Section 123 for the last round, all three games, the same seats. This time, by the time I got to the wicket, the seats were gone," Moody said. 

"It is what it is but it's unfortunate. I don't think we should be watching hockey in the summer. It's a bit late for hockey."

Steve Soucy

Steve Soucy was beaming after purchasing his tickets in person at Mile One on Wednesday. (CBC)

Moody said there should have been a way to host the Canadian Anaesthesiologists' Society AGM locally, and still have the Calder Cup finals at Mile One.

"It's unfortunate that somewhere like Mount Pearl, the Glacier probably could have accommodated that. I can't think that there's going to be 6,000 people in there for anything else but hockey." 

Fans might be hyped about the finals, but some of the key players with the IceCaps organization have remained mum. IceCaps president and CEO Danny Williams, as well as Danny Breen, who is the council representative on the board of St. John’s Sports and Entertainment, have both declined a request for an interview by CBC.