A St. John's man who is charged with sexually assaulting a minor, after a complaint that teenage girls were asked for sex in a local park, appeared in court Wednesday.

Adam Oldford, 30, was arrested Tuesday afternoon and charged with with sexual assault and sexual interference. Police said the complainant is under 16-years-old and the offences occurred between Aug. 2 and Aug. 6.

Earlier this week, the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary sought information from anyone who may have been approached by a man in a park asking for sex, saying the suspect was pretending to be much younger and trying to befriend teen girls.

Adam Oldford

Oldford was arrested Tuesday afternoon. (Janelle Kelly/CBC)

Oldford appeared in provincial court Wednesday, where his bail hearing was set over until Thursday. He remained in custody.

Woman says daughter sent online messages

One of those at his appearance was Julia Holman-Price, a mother who said her daughter was among those targeted by Oldford.

"Late last week I learned of a gentleman who had been basically misrepresenting himself as a child and approaching young kids and hanging out with young kids at a skate park," she said.

"I discovered he was messaging my daughter privately trying to get her to meet up, and through talking with her and the other girls at the park I discovered he was actually currently dating an underage girl."

Holman-Price said she wasn't the one who filed a formal complaint against Oldford, but said she found out who he was when she posted about her daughter's experience on social media.

"I'm here today to make sure that justice is served for this girl and all the other young girls in St. John's that have been contacted by this man," she said.

"He's lurking around, he's hanging out with young girls, he's approaching young girls."

With files from Janelle Kelly