The star of a CBC series is in Labrador for a visit, and says he hopes to inspire and connect with young Innu people in the communities.

Adam Beach, star of Arctic Air, landed in Happy Valley-Goose Bay last week and has been spending time in the nearby Innu community Natuashish.

He will also make a visit to Sheshatshiu later this week.

Innu leaders invited Beach for his first visit to Labrador to speak to the youth, something he said he enjoys doing.

"I love going to communities, sharing my story, my experiences, and also try to provide hope and opportunity and ignite passion, motivation," he said.

Adam Beach with fans in Happy Valley-Goose Bay

Actor Adam Beach spent some time with fans at a diner in Happy Valley-Goose Bay. He's in Labrador for the first time to speak with Innu youth. (CBC)

Beach's story is a familiar one to many people growing up on aboriginal reserves; he dealt with family trauma, addictions and tragedy growing up on a Manitoba reserve.

But he overcame his obstacles to become a Hollywood actor, landing roles in films such as Flags of our Fathers, and was most recently seen in Cowboys and Aliens alongside Harrison Ford and Olivia Wilde.

Beach said he wants to share his story of hardships to help show young people that it is possible to change their lives.

"We're all getting to a point now where we're like, hey guys, we have to start new. We have to break this cycle," said Beach.

He wants young people to know that dreams are attainable, and film can be used as a form of expression and awareness.

"Because of technology and our opportunities, we can actually film in the backyard — tell us your stories, because we can do that now," he said.

Beach said he plans to make another trip to Labrador in just a few months' time.