Labrador woman upset after giving birth alone in hospital

A woman in Labrador is outraged after she says she was left alone in a hospital room while she gave birth to her child.

Shannon Abraham said she caught the newborn before she dropped on the floor

Shannon Abraham said she delivered her new daughter Mandy without the assistance of hospital staff at the Labrador Health Centre. (Submitted by Shannon Abraham)

A woman in Labrador is outraged by a birth experience that she says involved being left alone in a hospital room, to deliver the baby herself. 

Shannon Abraham went into labour two weeks ago and went to the Labrador Health Centre in Happy Valley-Goose Bay.

She said staff brought her into the delivery room around 5 a.m. and left her sitting on a yoga ball.

A few hours later the baby started to come, Abraham said, while she was still alone. She said the infant came out quickly in one push and she caught the newborn before she dropped on the floor.

Abraham spoke to CBC News in Innu-aimun through interpreter Eugene Hart.

"She felt the head, when her hand was down there, she felt the head coming out. And during that one push, the whole baby came out," said Hart.

"So her mom grabbed one of the blankets and wrapped the baby."

Abraham said hospital staff came running soon after.

Abraham said hospital staff came running soon after her daughter was born. (Submitted by Shannon Abraham)

Abraham says she's lucky the baby was alright, but worries that something could have easily gone wrong. She said she never wants this to happen to anyone else.

"It still bothers her when she thinks about it," said Hart, interpreting for Abraham.

"She said something maybe could have happened to the baby. She said maybe she could have dropped the baby. Something could have happened to injure it, to harm it more."

Abraham said officials at Labrador-Grenfell Health have been apologetic and say they are investigating.

In a written statement Tuesday, the health authority said it cannot discuss the specifics of the case, but takes every patient concern seriously.

"Labrador-Grenfell Health has obstetrical policies regarding the care for labour and delivery which specify that mothers in active labour receive one-on-one care," read Labrador-Grenfell Health's statement.

"When a concern is raised, we look at each case and investigate all aspects of the care provided."