An abandoned Salvation Army cemetery in Mount Moriah on Newfoundland's west coast will soon be reborn.

For the last few years, Edward Welshman has been looking after the graveyard near his family's property.

The death dates on the three remaining headstones date back nearly a century, but Welshman believes as many as 15 people are buried in the cemetery.

But it's difficult to find the graveyard with the headstones covered by tall grass and surrounded by trees.

Cleaning it up has become a mission for Welshman.

Edward Welshman

Edward Welshman has made it a mission to clean up a cemetary in Mount Moriah. (CBC)

"It's a bit of history with the graveyard here in Mount Moriah which I hope to bring back and know more about it," he said.

"I want it cleaned up," says Welshman. "I want it to be respected."

The Town of Mount Moriah has agreed to hire several students to do just that, while the Salvation Army plans to build a fence around the cemetery.

"It makes me feel good, so they [the buried] are not forgotten," said Welshman. "It's not a graveyard that was abandoned and left out in the woods and forgotten. These people are going to be remembered."

The cleanup is scheduled to begin in a few weeks.

With a report from Jeremy Eaton