A beagle puppy that was left in the woods with a fractured leg has gotten a second chance, thanks to a man out walking his dogs and some help from a local animal shelter.

The puppy, who has since been named Bandit, was discovered in a kennel wrapped in a bag in a wooded area in the Kenmount Terrace area of St. John's Wednesday evening by a man out walking his dogs.

The man who discovered the pup brought him to Beagle Paws to get treatment.

Sheila Lewis, founder of the animal rescue group, said it was obvious there was something wrong when Bandit arrived. It turns out, the six-week-old puppy has a fractured leg.

Lewis said it was unclear how long Bandit was left in the woods.

Bandit beagle puppy

Bandit, a beagle puppy found in a wooded area in St. John's, is recovering from a fractured leg after being discovered. (CBC)

"We have him at a foster home … but considering the ordeal, he's doing very well," she said.

"Our concern when he was brought in was how long had he been out, was he dehydrated? You know, at this age puppies are very vulnerable and there was a risk that he could have some serious injury and actually may not survive, but luckily he has a little bit of energy."

Lewis said she can't fathom why someone would have abandon a pet in the woods.

"To us, it's sad that somebody would have to resort to these extremes. There's so many groups out there that are there to help the animals, and there's so many options if people aren't able to keep their pets."

Bandit is now at a foster home recovering from the ordeal.