The cargo ship Jana ran into trouble near Marystown in early August, after one of the cylinders in its engine died.

The ship has been tied up in Argentia since the end of September, waiting for repairs.

The crew — eight Ukrainians and three Russians — hasn't been paid in months. They're running low on food, and some people aboard need blood pressure medication.

The CBC's Todd O'Brien paid a visit to the ship this week. He spoke to crew members, including Sergey Orel, whose parents and girlfriend are back in Odessa, Ukraine. Orel described how he spends his days.

"Well, look around, you see the weather. A few days, a month ago I was walking around, see the nature, fresh air," he said.

"I went to Placentia, now I'm just sitting on the boat and every day just reading, or watching news or movies ... but movies I'm tired about the movies. Just reading. All the day."

Check out the photos of the Jana and its crew taken by Todd in the photo gallery above.