Toronto band Blimp Rock began with one mission, to hold a concert in a blimp over Lake Ontario.

Now the band is on a new shorter-term goal, having fallen in love with Junco's Pub. They want to build a blimp for the birds.  

"The idea is to have a bird-sized blimp attached to Junco's Pub, this bird sized blimp will have a rooftop bird bath, and then inside of the blimp there will be a set-up for songbirds to have a concert if they so desire," said Peter Demakos, guitarist and vocalist for Blimp Rock.

Blimp Rock calculated that as a band they would need to raise $700,000 to hold their concert in a blimp, but to create a bird-sized blimp, they would need just $700 to complete the project.

"We're a company and a band, and companies need to give back so we're going to donate all of our CD, vinyl, and shirt sales from our upcoming tour to this cause," said Demakos. 

The design for the blimp includes bird-sized drums, bass, guitar, and a microphone, hanging from the ceiling for birds to swing, and sing on. 

"In case the songbirds are feeling a little bit shy and they don't want to perform, we'll also have a karaoke screen," he said.  

The Bird Blimp

A diagram of Blimp Rock's plans for The Bird Blimp. (Peter Demakos/Submitted Photo)

"I know a lot of fans of Junco's Pub really like the TV in there, so we're going to have the karaoke screen displaying the words to the song which of course will just be chirp chirp."

Blimp Rock visited St. John's to play during Lawnya Vawnya, that's when they learned about Elling Lien's project, Junco's Pub

"At Lawnya Vawnya we had the pleasure of being the house band for one of the events, which was called Long Night with Vish Khanna, and it was like a David Letterman-style talk show," Demakos said. 

"We tried to do a unique thing as a house band ... we tried to look up all the guests and sing about them, playing cover songs but replacing the words with facts about the guests, and so I looked into Elling and did some research." 

Elling Lien started Junco's Pub, St. John's' tiniest bar for birds in the spring of 2015.

"They [asked] if it would be okay to build a blimp for birds and I was like, 'This is exactly what Junco's Pub has been missing,'" Lien said.

With the expansion of the Junco's Pub family, an addition may be in order. Earlier this week three baby juncos were hatched in the pub.