75-year-old honours late husband at Labrador Games

Margaret Pike, the oldest competitor at the 2013 Labrador Games, says she's taking part in the event to honour her late husband, Matthew Pike.
Margaret Pike, 75, of West St. Modeste, is the oldest competitor at the Labrador Winter Games. (CBC )

The oldest competitor at the 2013 Labrador Games says she's taking part to honour her late husband, Matthew Pike.

Margaret Pike, 75, of West St. Modeste, has been competing in darts. She also had the honour of carrying the games torch during the opening ceremonies.

"He [Matthew] was here when he was 75," said Pike, who added she wanted to get invovled in as many activities as she could.

"And he carried the torch and he went in the snowshoes, so I thought I would come and do it for him this year."

Just like other competitors

At Friday's darts event, Pike's fellow competitors said they had no problem having a 75-year-old take part. 

"I mean, she can go," said Jackie Lavalee, the co-ordinator of the West St. Modeste team. "She's just at a slower pace, that's all."

Pike, who has attended the Labrador Winter Games almost every year since they began 30 years ago, has been been participating in the entire games experience.

She has been watching other events, such as snowshoeing and volleyball, and having her meals in the mess hall with the other athletes. 

Pike said she has enjoyed the socializing aspect of the games.

Carrying the torch was Pike's favourite moment at the 2013 Labrador Winter Games. (CBC )

"Getting along with all the people from the coast, all of Labrador, and having fun, going for a party," said Pike with a smile. 

"You're only so old as you thinks you are."

Favourite moment

She said her favourite moment of this year's event was carrying the torch during the opening ceremonies, just as her late husband did. 

"I felt good. I thought about my husband at the time," said Pike.

 "He'd really love this, to see me here."