A group of 59 people from 20 different countries took the oath of Canadian citizenship at a ceremony at St. John's City Hall on Thursday. 

Among those sworn in were Philippines natives Romel and Rochelle Maligayas and their two daughters.

The couple admitted to a lot of mixed feelings going into the ceremony, but added the ceremony changed all that.

"We went to bed very late last night and made sure everything was ready ... were up this morning, rush, rush, rush. Here we are," said Romel Maligayas.

"[We are] really, really feel proud inside that we have come to this day, and happy we have come to this day and now can call ourselves Canadians." 

Romel works for the offshore industry, and having lived all over the world, he and Rochelle chose Canada as the best place to settle in and raise their family.

New Canadians swearing-in ceremony March 20, 2014

Seventy new Canadians were sworn in at St. John's City Hall on Thursday. (CBC)

Four years ago Romel asked his company to transfer him to St. John's.

"There are only a few places in the world, I think, where you can be inside the house and let the kids play outside without worrying. Everything is accessible. Like, in St. John's, it's easier for me to take them around," said Rochelle Maligayas.

"Now I feel overwhelmed ... like, to see all the people gathered in here having the same goal, which is really good. I feel so happy here."  

Another citizenship ceremony is planned for next week when 70 new Canadians are set to be sworn in.