5 kids, 2 women OK after crash

Two women and five children — two of them infants — were in good shape after surviving a collision in western Newfoundland; one man faces drunk driving charges.

Drunk driving charges pending against other driver

Five children were in a minivan that was struck by a driver believed to be impaired, reports Doug Greer 1:46

Two women and five children — two of them infants — were in good shape after their minivan collided with another car in western Newfoundland Thursday.

Police say the male driver of the second vehicle faces drunk driving charges.

This minivan was all but demolished Thursday night after it was struck by a driver who police believe was drunk. (CBC)

The children, ranging in age from three weeks to five years, escaped serious injury thanks to seatbelts and booster seats, said Nicole Young, who was a passenger in the minivan.

She said the van was struck by an oncoming car that took a sudden turn.

The minivan rolled over twice before coming to a rest.

"All I saw was blood from my son … he had a gash in the middle of his eyes and it was all over all the kids .... I didn't think he was gonna make it," Young told CBC News.

"But they were all in their car seats buckled up ... and thank God for that."

While none of the injuries were serious, at least one paramedic was anxious as she approached the scene.

"When I got out there it was a little bit overwhelming to have somebody come up to you and say we got seven or eight people  [including] five kids," said Darlene Martin, one of the first paramedics on the scene.

"That's when my heart fell out."

Several ambulances and local fire departments responded to the accident.

They have all decided to raise money to replace the child safety seats lost in the crash.