Kenny Green, the accused in the Tessier Place murder case, has had a five-day preliminary hearing scheduled.

Green, 34, was charged with second-degree murder after Joey Whalen, 47, was found dead in March in a known drug house on the street in downtown St. John's.

The preliminary inquiry, which will determine if there is enough evidence to send the matter to trial, will begin Nov. 4.

Meanwhile, Green and Matthew O'Quinn have both pleaded not guilty to separate charges, of conspiring to escape lawful custody.

Both were on the justice ward of the Waterford Hospital in St. John's when officials allege they planned to escape.

O'Quinn, 37, has a lengthy history of violence against women, including holding women against their will. In a 2012 conviction, he was also found to have threatened to kill a woman and her daughter.

Green and O'Quinn will be tried on the conspiracy charges in September.