A Facebook ad for a costly rental until in Happy Valley-Goose Bay has prompted online outrage from residents.

The advertisement says an all-inclusive, two-bedroom unit is going for $3,000 a month, and locals were quick to post comments critical of the ad and the community's housing situation.

Scott Clarke moved from his home in Happy Valley-Goose Bay to North West River where he says he pays far less for his rental home.

"I pay $1,000  a month for it, it's a three bedroom home with a full basement, full yard," Clarke said.

"A lot of people I've seen doubling up as families to live in one unit. They just can't afford to make ends meet up there."

Some other people posted on the Facebook ad, blaming the property owners for creating the difficult housing market in the community while others wondered whether this $3,000 rent included necessities like groceries, as well.

Wayne Sheppard, with ReMax, the company that posted the ad for the owner of the property, said these types of units are meant for contractors, and wouldn't have been built otherwise.

"Anybody coming in to live in these units just bring in their suitcase, and the towels are hung in the bathroom, the sheets are on the beds, the dishes are in the cupboard. It's all inclusive and it's ready to go," Sheppard said.

"What it demonstrates very clearly, is that Happy Valley-Goose Bay is an up-and-coming town. We are growing, we are developing, and with that comes a lot of pressure on the infrastructure, and I think we're seeing that now."

Sheppard said more housing options in the community are needed to accommodate residents in all income brackets.