If you're pitching in this Friday for the St. John's Morning Show's annual attack on litter, take time to learn these tips to save your back. 

The 15-Minute Community Cleanup will kick into gear on Friday morning, with host Anthony Germain and the crew out and about to help tidy up streets in the metro area. 

But there's no need to hurt yourself in pursuit of a chip wrapper. Kinesiologist Rodney Stafford dropped by the show Monday morning with some suggestions for protecting your back while doing your part for a cleaner community. 

Here are three moves to know. 

The golfer 

The golfer

(Nancy Walsh/CBC)

Ever seen a golfer pick up a ball after sinking a putt? Emulate that move by bending the knee in one leg while extending the other. You'll find your back stays straight as you lean down to get that piece of litter. 

The lunge

A great stretch before a workout, the lunge also has a practical application for a cleanup. Put one leg well forward, and kneel on the leg that remains in the back. Remember to keep your back in a straight line.  


(Nancy Walsh/CBC)

Rear-end out 

Not necessarily the most attractive move, but it will definitely protect your back. Straighten your back and push your rear end away as you bend your knees. Your body will lower itself, and you won't be in pain later! 

Rear end out

Caption (Nancy Walsh/CBC)

Host Anthony Germain and the St. John's Morning Show crew will be out in force on Friday morning for the 15-Minute Community Cleanup. If your group has plans, let us know. Call 576-5259 or 1-866-576-5259.