People in three different Labrador communities are grieving the suicides of teenagers in the past week, leading to concerns of a new trend in Labrador.

Ten years ago, teen suicide in Labrador was considered an epidemic.

But after a perceived lull, it appears the problem is resurfacing again.

People in Labrador say over the past couple of months, they've noticed a spike in suicides and attempted suicides.

Many are shocked that three young aboriginal people from different communities — Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Nain and Sheshatshiu — took their own lives within the past week alone.


Labrador MP Yvonne Jones says she plans to meet with community leaders in the wake of three teen suicides. (CBC)

Louise Bradley, president of the Mental Health Commission of Canada, says she is disheartened by signs that teen suicide appears to be on the increase again in northern communities.

"I guess my first reaction is, 'Oh no, not again,'" Bradley said.

"The impact to a small community like that takes a toll that it doesn't even in larger communities."

But the issue is slightly different this time, according to Labrador MP Yvonne Jones.

"These young people come from very stable homes," Jones said.

"They have very supportive and loving family members around them."

That worries Jones. She says the situation leaves more questions.

She hopes to answer those questions when she meets with community leaders in the coming weeks.