Each of the main political parties has nominated a prominent candidate for the upcoming byelection in Virginia Waters, and all three face off against each other on this week's episode of On Point with David Cochrane

Danny Breen, a five-year veteran of St. John's city council, is running for the incumbent Tories in the district, which was held by former premier Kathy Dunderdale. 

The Liberals have nominated prominent businesswoman Cathy Bennett, while the NDP candidate is former St. John's city councillor Sheilagh O'Leary. 

The byelection will be held April 9. 

Breen said he will be running on a record that includes not only his municipal experience but long-running community involvement in Virginia Waters, the east end district where he lives. 

Virginia Waters byelection candidates

Liberal Cathy Bennett, Tory Danny Breen and New Democrat Sheilagh O'Leary are competing in the April 9 byelection. (CBC)

He also said he is proud to run for the governing Tories, and denied suggestions that the party is tired after more than a decade in power. 

"There is a concern about stability. People have said that since Tom Marshall has taken over [as premier], he's been able to stabilize the political scene," Breen said. 

Both O'Leary and Bennett challenged Breen over whether the Tories should be given another shot at Virginia Waters. 

"People of Virginia Waters are telling me that they want to send a message — clearly send a message — to this government, by electing somebody who's going to hold this government accountable for the actions that they're taking," said Bennett. 

O'Leary said her record at city council showed that she was not afraid of making waves or of tackling tough questions. She also said the Tories have been trying — but not succeeding — to bolster their record on openness and transparency. 

"They're trying to remedy it in a Band-Aid sort of solution at this stage of the game, but I don't think the public are buying it," she said. 

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