The East Coast Trail Association has signed memorandums of understanding with three more communities.

Logy Bay-Middle Cove-Outer Cove, Petty Harbour-Maddox Cove and Bauline are the latest towns to sign the agreements.

The MOUs mean those communities will consider the trail system in their planning, help protect the network and include the trail association in any possible developments.

east coast trail Newfoundland

A sign on Newfoundland's East Coast Trail, which is on Crown Land. (CBC)

Randy Murphy, president of the trail association, said the towns will be the eyes and ears on the ground to ensure the long-term sustainability of the trail.

"We're spread across 300 kilometres of trail, therefore we need basically current and active input on what's happening on the trail," he said.

The towns will also help with maintenance and protection of what Murphy said has become a significant piece of tourist infrastructure.

Torbay was the first community to sign an MOU with the association, which also recently added 32 new kilometres of trail between Cape St. Francis and Portugal Cove.

Murphy said the association wants to ensure the current trail is sustainable before adding any more to it, to avoid damage or erosion.

"We're looking to work with the towns as a major stakeholder in the trail," he said.

"To define more clearly our role in terms of about how can we work together more effectively to manage and protect the trail over the long term."