Some Glovertown residents frustrated by run-ins with black bears have started taking matters into their own hands, with at least three bears being shot by private citizens last week.

One homeowner shot a bear on his porch. Provincial wildlife officers confiscated his rifle and told him he's going to be charged.

There's been a surge of encounters with the animals since the town's dump closed this spring.

Residents are divided on how to handle the situation.

"You're surrounded on three sides by houses and kids," said Darren Furlong. "You don't shoot guns off in town limits. It's a definite no-no, right?"

But Austin Gordon said he understands why somebody might be tempted to shoot one.

"I don't know what the solution is," said Gordon. "But somebody, I fear, is going to be hurt — a youngster or somebody here in town — eventually is going to be hurt by one of the bears. Then there's going to be some drastic measures taken."

Authorities have also set up traps around Glovertown.

Fifteen bears have been caught and moved out of town this summer.