In the run of a year, CBC Newfoundland and Labrador gets a lot of photo submissions. I mean, a lot.

Some of the people who send us photos are professional photographers, while others are just enthusiasts who love to share their photos from across the province.

It's one of the best ways we have to share scenes from the parts of the province we don't get a chance to visit often — and it's all thanks to our audience.

We always get an amazing array of photos sent in to us and it makes it hard to choose just a few to showcase.

That being said, we've gone back through our submitted photo galleries to select a few from each month — just in case you forgot what the year looked like in photos.

Check out some of our favourite photo submissions throughout the year.


Trapper Dennis George by Shayla George

"'Trapper Dennis George" of Dildo Trinity Bay. (Shayla George)

Quidi Vidi house by Alick Tsui

Alick Tsui comments: A beautifully "Snowed - in" appearance of this chalet-style stage house in Quidi Vidi just after a fresh snow fall. ( Alick Tsui)

Birds in a deck chair by Melanie Raymond

Melanie Raymond comments: These birds and many more have been outside in the bird feeder for hours! (Melanie Raymond)

Frozen-inspired photo by Kit Sora

Kit Sora sent us this shot, from a "Frozen"-inspired shoot at the falls in Middle Cove. (Submitted by Kit Sora)

Quidi Vidi otter by Bill Perks

Bill Perks comments: A young sea otter suddenly jumps out of the water at Quidi Vidi Lake. (Bill Perks)

Anhinga by Bill Perks

Bill Perks comments: After this Anhinga speared the Spottail Pinfish, it was a struggle to swallow it. (Bill Perks )


Great Horned Owl by Bill Perks

Bill Perks comments: A young Great Horned Owl warily looks at me as I take its picture. (Bill Perks )

Madeline Hart

Madeline Hart comments: Here are some pictures that I took today (Jan. 31) at Pippy Park. My name is Madeline Hart and I got to MacDonald Drive Junior High. (Madeline Hart )

Peregrine falcon by Ian Winter

Ian Winter comments: In flight Peregrine Falcon. (Ian Winter)

Torbay beach by Valerie Ploughman

Valerie Ploughman comments: Beautiful, sunny day at Torbay Beach but COLD! After all, it is February 14! (Valerie Ploughman)

Ronald O'Toole

Ronald O'Toole comments: Hot seat? Nah, cold seat. In Englee. (Ronald O'Toole)

Deadmans Pond by Ferne Williams

Ferne Williams comments: This winter scene brought back wonderful childhood memories. Even the dog was having fun! (Taken at Deadmans Pond at Signal Hill). (Ferne Williams)


Quidi Vidi sea otter by Bill Perks

A Sea Otter cuddles her pup at Quidi Vidi Lake. (Bill Perks)

A new day dawns by Karen Torraville

Karen Torraville comments: A new day dawns. (Karen Torraville)

Bearded seal in Quidi Vidi by Ferne Williams

Ferne Williams comments: Lots of admirers were in Quidi Vidi earlier this week to see the Bearded Seal on the ice. (Ferne Williams)

Sandy Cove beach by Bill Perks

The morning sun breaks through the storm clouds to reveal a beautiful Sandy Cove Beach. (Bill Perks)

A wet looking duckling by Bill Perks

Bill Perks comments: A wet looking duckling. (Bill Perks)

Heart tree by Ferne Williams

Ferne Williams comments: This tree may have lost a branch, but it revealed a beautiful heart. (Ferne Williams)


Pine needles covered in dew

Bill Perks comments: Early morning dew glistens on pine needles. (Bill Perks)

Song Sparrow by Bill Perks

Bill Perks comments: This delicate-looking Song Sparrow takes a rest amidst some succulent dogberries. (Bill Perks )

Island Harbour beautiful sunset by Allyssia Beevor

Allyssia Beevor comments: This photo was taken in Island Harbour, during a beautiful sunset. (Allyssia Beevor )

Nothin' but a hound dog by Ferne Williams

Ferne Williams comments: "I ain't nothin' but a hound dog." We met this friendly pooch on a downtown walk recently. (Ferne Williams)

St. John's skyline by Paul Kinsmen

Paul Kinsman comments: St. John's skyline. Shadows of the Basilica bell towers are cast across St. John's Harbour at sunset April 12 2015 (Paul Kinsman)

Truce Sound at Sunnyside by Vikas Khaladkar

Vikas Khaladkar comments: Fog bank rolling into Truce Sound at Sunnyside, NL early in the morning. (Vikas Khaladkar)


Torbay iceberg by Ronald O'Toole

Ronald O'Toole comments: An Iceberg in Torbay. Waves in the foreground. May 2. (Ronald O'Toole)

East coast trail Torbay by Todd Howse

Todd Howse comments: Sunday afternoon taking a few photos along the East Coast trail.

Sunny day in Quidi Vidi by Steve Richardson

Steve Richardson comments: Sunny Day in Quidi Vidi, Newfoundland. (Steve Richardson)

Wave dance by Paul Kinsman

Paul Kinsman comments: Wave Dance. Near Torbay. (Paul Kinsman)

Sugerloaf Head icebergby Jim Fitzgerald

Jim Fitzgerald comments: Nice iceberg just north of Sugarloaf Head on the East Coast Trail. (Jim Fitzgerald)

Baby eagles in Cuckhold's Cove Jim Fitzgerald

Jim Fitzgerald comments: Baby eagles in Cuckhold's Cove are really growing. (Jim Fitzgerald)


Genney the donkey by Peter Gregory

Peter Gregory comments: Genney the donkey and her newborn! My newest addition to my hobby farm. (Peter Gregory)

Bannerman Park Flowers by Jim Fitzgerald

Jim Fitzgerald comments: Bannerman Park Flowers. Taken June 2, 2015 flower gardens in Bannerman Park. (Jim Fitzgerald)

Emily McKim

Emily McKim comments: This is a photo of a moose and a sunset that I captured on June 5th 2015 next to Middle Cove. (Emily McKim)

Skerwink trail iceberg by Stephen Jessome

Stephen Jessome comments: Iceberg in Trinity Bay near Port Rexton on the Skerwink Trail. (Stephen Jessome)

Weathered wood by Ferne Williams

Ferne Williams comments: This old and weathered wood has a charm of it's own, a piece of Nature's art. (Ferne Williams)

Bonavista coastline Legacy building

A view of the breakwater and the Matthew Legacy Building in Bonavista, on a cool Saturday evening sky. (Mark Gray)


Pole Hill Lookout

Carly Henstridge tells us this photo was taken from the Pole Hill lookout in Little Bay Islands. (Carly Henstridge )

The return of the swallows

Paul Guest comments, "Swallows have a nest in the birdhouse next to the apple tree." He adds the swallows return every year. (Paul Guest)

Iceberg near Nicky's Nose Cove

Tammy Edwards saw this iceberg near Nicky's Nose Cove in late June. (Tammy Edwards)

Iceberg near Random Island

Travis Benteau comments: "We came across this huge Iceberg while on a seadoo trip around Random Island on June 27/2015. Amazing." (Travis Benteau)

Sun reflecting on sand by Linda Kenny

Linda Kenny comments: Sun reflecting on the ocean/beach sand (Linda Kenny)

Nectar-feeding bee by Bill Perks

Bill Perks comments: This bee is enjoying a nice feed of nectar. (Bill Perks)

Lighthouse by  Jim Desautels

Lighthouse by Jim Desautels. (Jim Desautels)

Cape Spear sunrise by Jeff Smith

Jeff Smith comments: July 12/2015, 5:17am The sunrise at Cape Spear Newfoundland. (Jeff Smith)

Dead Man's Pond by Jim Desautels

Jim Desautels comments: Dead Man's Pond at night. Took this photo in July 2015 at 1AM. A very calm night with city lights illuminating the hill gave a very serene photo. (Jim Desautels)


Salmonier Nature Park by Sobhana V

Sobhana V comments: At the Salmonier Nature Park. (Sobhana V)

St. Lawrence fishplant by Edith Clarke

Edith Clarke comments: The sun was breaking out from the clouds behind me illuminating the fishplant in St. Lawrence. (Edith Clarke )

Beachy bird by Ronald O'Toole

Ronald O'Toole comments: A Beachy bird near Baytona, NL. Today. (Ronald O'Toole)

Wedding on Signal Hill

Tiny Wedding Co. comments: Long, long, long may your big jib draw! Signal Hill, St. John's, (Tiny Wedding Co.)

Middle Cove hiking trail by Ferne Williams

Ferne Williams comments: One of my favourite places along the Middle Cove hiking trail. Very unique,and a wonderful place to just sit and relax. (Ferne Williams)

Lake's Gut - Great Paradise by Gus Byrne

Gus Byrne comments: Water awash in Lake's Gut - Great Paradise, Placentia Bay. Took this last weekend while attending Great Paradise Days in Placentia Bay - the far greater bay!!! (Gus Byrne)

Bell Island lighthouse by Heather Pike

Heather Pike comments: Picture I took last weekend in Bell Island by the lighthouse. (Heather Pike)

Twillingate harbour by Kathy Watson

My name is Kathy Watson and I'm visiting from Alberta. I went for a drive to Twillingate with brother and his wife on Saturday. The rain storm happened while eating at R & J's . While drive outta town, I noticed the reflection on the water, so I took a picture thru the window without my brother even stopping van. Only After looking more closely at the picture did I realize how beautiful it was and then I noticed the cloud formation ... It looks like a Newfoundland Dog. I thought I would really like to share this picture with you and hope you pass it on so everyone can see just how magestic Newfoundland really is. I am proud of my heritage.


Ball of fire by Edgars Rudzitis

Edgars Rudzitis comments:Ball of fire. I was camping and then I decided to do some light painting photos. This time I used burning wood logs and it turned out great. (Edgars Rudzitis)

Trinity by Ronald O'Toole

Ronald O'Toole comments: Trinity, Sept. 3 2015. (Ronald O'Toole )

Stiles Cove hiking trail by Ferne Williams

Ferne Williams comments: The hiking trail from Stiles Cove to Red Head is a feast for the eyes! (Ferne Williams)

St. John's at dark by Ferne Williams

Ferne Williams comments: Our beautiful city, just before dark. (Ferne Williams)

Comfort Cove-Newstead sunrise by Ronald O'Toole

Ronald O'Toole comments: A beautiful sunrise in Comfort Cove-Newstead. (Ronald O'Toole)

Ferryland lighthouse

Ronald O'Toole comments: Ferryland lighthouse framed by two gulls.

Tablelands by David Purchase

A short hike to the Tablelands for Sunset. Photo taken by David Purchase, Deer Lake, NL

Sunset early Autumn evening Holyrood by Jim Hart

Jim Hart comments: Sunset early Autumn evening Holyrood. Sky changed color from gold to rose to red in 10 minutes. Amazing sky. (Jim Hart )


Cabot Tower morning by Jim Desautels

Jim Desautels comments: Cabot Tower Morning. I find Signal Hill to be an amazing photographic landmark. This particular morning was mysterious and tranquil. (Jim De)

Captain Cooks by Judy Dwyer

Judy Dwyer comments: View of Corner Brook taken from Captains Cooks LookOut. (Judy Dwyer )

Steady Brook by Leo O'Rourke

Leo O'Rourke comments: Beautiful morning looking on the Humber River, Steady Brook. (Leo O'Rourke)

Port Blandford trussle by Ashley Roach

Ashley Roach comments: Taken at the trussle in Port Blandford with the trees in the background as they are changing their colours. (Ashley Roach)

Harbour Grace by Matthew Burke

Matthew Burke comments: Early Sunset. Harbour Grace. (Matthew Burke)

The Mount in Renews by Ayla Lawlor

Ayla Lawlor comments: This photo was taken on "The Mount" in Renews, Newfoundland. (Ayla Lawlor)

Fall on Manuels River by Gus Byrne

Gus Byrne comments: Taken early this morning (Oct. 18) before the rain. (Gus Byrne)


Windy day by Krista Wells

Krista Wells comments: It was a windy day but made for beautiful pictures. (Krista Wells)

Stary night by newfoundsander

newfoundsander comments: The tale of a beautiful starry night on Bell Island. (newfoundsander )

Beautiful fall day by Ferne Williams

Ferne Willams comments: A beautiful fall day for a stroll on the grounds of Government House. (Ferne Williams)

Snowy scene in Goose Bay

Cate Lynn‎ comments, "Beautiful snow covered trees & sunshine in Happy Valley Goose-Bay." (Submitted by Cate Lynn )

Petty Harbour fisheye

Petty Harbour has a long fishing heritage; here's a fisheye-lens-powered view of Petty Harbour at night. (Submitted by Jason Drake)

A peaceful Saturday in Middle Arm

How calm! Thanks to June Ryan for sharing this beautiful shot from Middle Arm, taken Saturday. (Submitted by June Ryan)

Winter scene

Here's a beautiful wintry shot from Fishing Point, St. Anthony, from Jessica Canning. (Submitted by Jessica Canning)


last signal hill sunrise of 2015

The last Signal Hill sunrise of 2015 (Submitted by Gene Herzberg)

Port de Grave Christmas lights boats Chelsea Lawrence

I couldn't get over these boats in Port de Grave. Truly breathtaking! (Submitted by Chelsea Lawrence)

Hank the dog in winter

Meet Hank, a 1.5 year-old golden retriever who LOVES winter! (April Pink)

Ocean view in Twillingate

Ocean view in Twillingate. (Submitted by Ryan MacLellan)

winter in wabush jean lake

Dana Martin-Kelly's parents Russell and Kathleen braving the cold near Jean Lake in Wabush to get into the Christmas spirit on Dec. 23. (Submitted by Dana Martin-Kelly)

Elbonita Kozhani cape spear view december

Taken last week from Cape Spear (Submitted by Elbonita Kozhani)

As we head into the new year, be sure to keep the photo submissions coming by emailing them to the online team.