18-month sentence for home invasion

Jordan Cook, 30, was sentenced in provincial court on Friday for a home invasion in St. John's in May.

St. John's man already has lengthy criminal record

30-year-old Jordan Cook has a drug problem, and is back on the methadone program again. (CBC)

A St. John's man was sentenced Friday for a home invasion in May.

Jordan Cook, 30, was given about 18 and a half months, in addition to almost three months he's already served.

On May 7, a very drunk Cook walked into an unlocked house on Cowperthwaite Court in the centre of the city.

Cook asked a girl on the first floor if she wanted to party with him. But after spotting a knife in Cook's pocket, the girl ran upstairs to get her father.

Cook followed, words were exchanged, and he threatened the father with the hunting knife.

He eventually left the house, and the family called 911.

When the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary caught up with Cook, he did not go quietly and resisted arrest.

The family was so frightened they didn't want to give statements to the police. But they did testify at Cook's trial, describing him as repeatedly flipping from "calm" to "volatile."

After the incident, Cook was released on conditions.

About a month later, he approached a woman outside Shoppers Drug Mart on Topsail Road, saying he wanted her to go with him.

The woman said no, but Cook followed her to her house and waited outside.

The police were called and they found Cook with a knife which he wasn't supposed to have under conditions of his release.

Apologizes in court

Before Judge David Orr sentenced Cook, he asked to speak to the court.

"I take responsibility for what I did. It happened because of my own stupidity. I apologize from the bottom of my heart," he said.

Cook is a drug addict with a lengthy criminal record. The father of three is once again on the methadone program.

The Crown was looking for a sentence of two to two and a half years.

Including time served, Cook's sentence adds up to about  21 months.